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Thursday, 10 September 2015

Crossways Student Representative Election

Here below (in no particular order) you will find the profiles of the candidates:

Merve Gürel

 I started university when I was 16 and  graduated from American Culture and Literature department when I was 20 years old. Briefly,  I am a life- long language learner, explorer, free lance writer and philanthropist. Turkish is my mother tongue. I can speak English and French fluently. In addition, I am willing to improve my Spanish and Polish.

 I have taught English to pre-sessional learners in the preparatory English school of Bilkent University since 2009. While I was teaching, I completed the Cambridge certificate for English teachers CELTA (2010) and DELTA (2014) the diploma.

Then, I did an MA in Management in Education and graduated in June 2015. I took classes such as classroom management, curriculum design and human resources management. During my time as a language teacher I did two pieces of research in education. I won a scholarship from my university and presented my paper in 13th Annual IATEFL Conference in Liverpool, England.

Apart from my academic studies, I took part in the orientation program designed for newly recruited teachers from Boston, USA. We went to field trips around Turkey and I helped them adapt to Turkish culture.
Before I had become a language teacher, I worked for a newspaper.  I did an interview in the Ministry of Turkish Culture and  prepared an article about Frankfurt Book Fair. This news was published in Turkish daily news  ( now known as Hurriyet Daily News) You can click on the following link below to view the article.

Apart from my experience in media, I worked as a receptionist in Club Med Palmiye.  I worked as a GO (gentille organisateur), helped guests check in, did  French-Turkish translations and resolved  problems. This work experience helped me improve my French.

I would like to be the 2015-2017 Crossways Representative because I am an educator whose interpersonal and intrapersonal skills are well developed. I can empathize with people easily and I can keep calm in times of crisis. I am preemptive and can take action before a problem occurs. I love making connections with people and I love social interactions. I believe all my previous background as a journalist, receptionist and teacher has helped me to be the person I am now. If I am elected, I know I will be very successful in promoting Erasmus Mundus and making students’ lives easier because I can say “I have been there”

Isabel Carrasco


My name is Isabel Carrasco, I am 24 years old and I am from Mexico City. I am a cheerful, happy, committed and rational person who loves meeting people and sharing experiences. I studied English Literature at Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (U.N.A.M.). While finishing my bachelor’s thesis, I worked at prestigious publishing house, Fernández Editores, as editor for the Basic Education area. At the same time I worked as assistant professor at U.N.A.M. which gave me the tools needed to help and understand the student’s needs, to see the importance of talking and listening to other people’s opinions and concerns. Also, I worked for more than a year as an intern in a very interesting project, Estudios críticos sobre géneros populares, focused on popular genres and the relation it has to literature, cinema, television, and other media. Working at this project helped me not only while writing my thesis but also to see how it is to work in something related to the field of literature.
Working in these projects filled me with amazing experiences and showed me how fulfilling is to complement studies with extracurricular activities. As a result, I would love to continue my studies in the same direction and, therefore, I would like to run for Crossways Student Representative and work hand in hand with all of you. If elected, I will devote myself to listen, contribute, and solve any inconvenient, doubt, or issue you might have.  I will be honoured and very grateful if you give me this opportunity.

Thank you for your consideration.

Best wishes,

Maria Luiza Porto

 Dear fellows,
My name is Maria Luiza Porto and I’m from Brazil. I majored in Social Communications at Pontifícia Universidade Católica (PUC-Rio), and also have an MA in Film and Screen Studies from Goldsmiths College (University of London), in which I had the pleasure to be a Class Rep in front of staff and lecturers meetings.
Furthermore, I’ve been working as a multimedia writer for over 10 years, creating and adapting content for a wide range of platforms, such as online features, magazines, newspapers, games and TV.
I believe that my broad work experience gave me the ability to multitask with both agility and serenity. I am also very keen on interpersonal relationships, always up for a cup of coffee and a nice chat. My mobility pathway includes Santiago de Compostela, Lisbon and Perpignan, respectively.
To sum up, I would like to add that, for me, being a Student Representative at the Crossways in Cultural Narratives programme is a great chance to also explore the boundaries of this experience in practice. Bearing in mind the need to orchestrate all voices and backgrounds into one harmonic choir.

Laura Aguilera

Hello! My name is Laura, I’m 24 years old and I was born in Honduras. Two years ago I graduated from the University of Essex, in the UK, where I studied a B. A. in Humanities. My background is in 18th and 19th century studies, with a particular interest in the European Enlightenment and turn of the (20th) century art. Last year I was in Germany, learning about the field of heritage. There, I narrowed down my research interest to the way in which people relate to nature and how these relationships have helped shape European modernity.

I am interested in being a student representative because I understand the importance of effective communication in order to ensure the quality of interdisciplinary courses. I had the opportunity to represent my fellow students at Essex or 3 years. I saw first-hand the positive impact an open channel of communication between students and staff can have on the overall satisfaction of students. 

You don’t know me yet, but I’m friendly, I promise! I am a good listener and I enjoy problem solving. I like helping people and, if asked, I am happy voicing concern others may be reluctant to raise. I believe that open communication is the best way to avoid misunderstandings and conflicts. And that every one of us ought to have the chance to express their doubts and issues regarding their studies. This MA is very important to me as I am sure it is for you all. I will take my role seriously and I believe I can do a good job at representing us.

Also, let me tell you, I have experience dealing with emails. I received lots of them as a student assistant in Germany, when I was in charge of communication with incoming students. This is why I can promise you that if you send me lots of emails with lots of issues, I will be able to sort through them and get back to you with relevant information.

I am prepared to represent you, please let me do so.

Best of luck and see you at Perpignan during the induction days!


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