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Wednesday, 29 October 2008

General Meeting: Videos

Another way to participate in the meeting is to make a short video of the city where you are! It doesn't have to be a professional video, just something interesting you can do with your digital camera. You choose the theme!

If you're keen, please email me that I can send you the address where the CDs should be posted to.

General Meeting: Next steps

In order to continue with the arrangements for the meeting, it is very important that all participants contact me with the following details:

- Report or topic list on the pre-meeting sessions held in each city. Delegates, please contact me as soon as possible;
- Title of your project and time needed for presentation;
- Title and time needed for the seminars. If anyone is keen on participating, there's still time! 

General: 10th EMA Newsletter

10th EMA Newsletter

15 October 2008

Dear EMA members,

We are glad to present the 10th EMA newsletter to keep you informed about EMA's current and upcoming activities.

With the beginning of the new academic year we are also happy to welcome new EMA members!

There is an important announcement on the Call for Expression of Interest for the position of EMA Vice President, as well as information from the European Commission on the future of Erasmus Mundus included in this newsletter.

The Master Course featuring in "One Issue - One Programme" is Euroculture.

Enjoy reading this newsletter issue!



Erasmus Mundus Programme

European Higher Education

One Issue One Programme



Call for Interest in the Position of EMA Vice President
The Steering Committee of the Erasmus Mundus Student and Alumni Association (EMA) would like to invite all interested EMA members to apply to the position of Vice President of the EMA. [more]

EMA Steering Committee meeting in Rotterdam
The EMA Steering Committee (SC) will hold its next meeting on 18-19 October in Rotterdam, hosted by EMA President. [more]

First EMA Thematic Conference was a success
Aveiro, one of Portugal’s most beautiful cities, had the honour to host the 1st Erasmus Mundus Materials conference organised by the European Masters in Material Science (EMMS) student's wing on (3- 5 September 2008). [more]

Deadline for the next edition of Emanate is getting closer 
Are you keen on having your article or photo published in the next edition of the EMA member magazine? Then cross the deadline November 1st in your calendar.[more]

EMA LA Chapter releases promo flyers
The EMA Latin American Chapter has been launched in 2008 and aims to provide services for Erasmus Mundus Students and Alumni from Latin American countries. Under the umbrella of EMA, the Latin American Chapter is targeting more than 250 EMA members from Mexico to Chile. [more]

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Erasmus Mundus Programme

23 new courses join the EM programme 
With the beginning of the academic year 2008/09, 23 new Erasmus Mundus Master Courses have started across Europe. [more]

Erasmus Mundus II 2009-2013
After its adoption by the Commission in July 2007 and the Council's agreement on a "general approach" in November 2007, the Commission's proposal for the second phase of the Erasmus Mundus Programme (2009-2013) has been examined by the European Parliament during the first semester of 2008 under the lead of the Culture Committee. [more]

1st European Day in Turin
The EM students currently living in Northwestern Italy are invited to take part in the European Day workshop on 30 October in Turin. [more]

EC Delegation to Australia publishes Erasmus Mundus brochure
The European Commission's Delegation to Australia in Canberra has just published a comprehensive brochure on Erasmus Mundus, in particular on the outcome of the recent selection. [more]

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European Higher Education

Careers in Europe Brussels Event
Meet the people that can build your international career. Careers in Europe holds a unique, invitation-only event at which top international employers meet and interview the very best graduates and early-career professionals for a wide variety of positions throughout Europe. [more]

European Day of Languages in Belgrade
European Day of Languages, proclaimed at the initiative of the Council of Europe draws people’s attention to the specifics of languages in Europe. AEGEE Beograd and Students' union of Serbia invite you to participate in seminar "European Day of Languages 2008 - Gender balance in Slavic languages", taking place on 12-18.11.2008. [more]

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One Issue One Programme

EUROCULTURE – Europe in the Wider World
The EMA Internal Communications Team regularly offers a platform to introduce individual EM courses and their alumni association and share stories on the website and in the EMA Newsletter.
This time, we thank Nadia Ptaschenko for contributing an article about Euroculture Master Programme. [more]