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Saturday, 15 March 2008

Bergamo: Intro

     by Chetan Dang

Hi Guys,

Hope Bergamo is treating you in a nice way. Life in Bergamo is very interesting. Let me share with you a few tips about Bergamo.

  1. Do apply for your Permesso di Soggiorno(Stay Permit) within a week time. One can go to Poste Italiano and take this kit to be filled for free. There is an office for the foreigners which help to fill this kit.
  2. Don’t forget to take your Codice Fiscale. This is like a unique no. which can be taken on showing your passport, visa and residence contract.
  3. For all the Non EU students, the landlords have to inform the Questura i.e. Police Station within  48 hours from the arrival in the house.
  4. Do get your US Card validate from a place in Citta Alta to get discounts in the university canteen. The details of that place can be taken from your kit given by international student office.
  5. Classes for the mundus courses takes place only in Citta Alta.
  6. The university is spread in Citta Alta. Different places in Citta Alta are St. Agostino, St. Tomasso,Piazza Rosate, Tassi, Salvecchio and Piazza Vecchia.
  7.  The international student office is in Citta Bassa i.e. called Via Caniana. The Economics faculty is at this place.
  8. The university has a mensa in the Citta Alta. One can have lunch at reasonable rates by showing his university card.
  9. Erasmus party: The Bergamo is known for its Erasmus parties. All the students meet twice in a week and share their experiences. The students get a chance to meet all the other erasmus students. You can enjoy free entry in the pubs in Bergamo, long drinks at reasonable prices and loads of fun ofcourse.
  10. There is book shop situated in Citta Alta known as University Book Shop from where the students can find all the books related with the course.
  11. For going to Citta Alta, the students can take Bus no. 1 from the citta bassa.
  12. The Mundus student can find the library in St. Agostino, Citta Alta.
  13. Students can avail discounts using their U.S card for purchasing almost everything from books, music videos, electronic gadgets and not to miss even for wonderful massages.
  14. One can find quite easily in Bergamo. Few popular ones are Auchan, Despar, Standa, L.D and many more.

I am sure that all this information will be useful for all my mundus friends who are in Bergamo or would be going in the near future.

Perpignan: Happy birthday, Cheryl!

A little bit of social action going on in Perpignan! It was Cheryl Stanton's birthday on the 27th of February, so we decided to have a little surprise party the week before.

On the picture (left to right): Giri (India), Jonathan (New Zealand), Delphine (Mauritius Island), Chetan (India), Jacky (Macao), Doruntina (Kosovo), Prof Didier Girard, Cheryl Stanton, Wantida (Thailand), Kamal and Gauri (India), Evelyn and Didi (China) and Mansi (India). Quite a mix, huh?