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Saturday, 18 October 2008

General: 1st Conference call

I am happy to say that our first conference was a success! The participants were: Anna, Brendon, Jutta and Paul. 

Among other things we discussed:
  • Life in Perpignan (thanks, Brendon, for the valuable tips!)
- Transportation: the cheapest way to get to Perpignan and around 
- French and Schengen visa
- Places to visit around Perpi
- Canigou residence and accommodation in general
  • Accommodation in St Andrews: Albany Park (thanks, Paul!);
  • Bank-related problems and solutions 
  • Mundus meetings and conferences (I hope it happens, Anna :)
  • GM in St Andrews: ideas on the organisation and schedule.
It was such a nice experience that we decided to make these virtual gatherings more often. So the next phone conference is on Wednesday, 12 November at 7pm. For the next meeting, we decided to have an agenda. So you can feel free to start emailing me topics for discussion.

Thanks a lot for all participants' involvement! And all the other are equally welcome to the next one.

Thursday, 16 October 2008

General Meeting 2008: Participants

Dear GM participants,

First of all, thank you for your participation! I am happy to say that, for the first edition of the Crossways General Meeting, we are 27 participants from all universities of the consortium except Santiago.

ACCOMMODATION - we did get funding for the two nights of accommodation. However, this has left us almost no money for the photo exhibition or dinner arrangements. So, if wrote on the registration form that you needed to stay in a hostel but are not yet sure if you're coming or not, please let us know NOW. Because you don't manage to go, we will use this money towards the other events of the meeting.

PHOTO EXHIBITION - Please spread the word about it, because even students who are not going can participate! Please check the blog for the procedure on how to participate in the next few days.

DELEGATES - The confirmed delegates so far are:

Perpignan - Poonam (and perhaps Maria?)
St Andrews - Delphine M
Tübingen - Lisda
Sheffield - Anna

Still waiting for delegates from Bergamo and Lisbon. Any volunteers?

The delegates' responsibilities are 
i) organise a meeting with all students (and eventual alumni) in the city where they are 
ii) prepare an agenda for the meeting to get the discussion going
iii) send me a report or list of issues AND suggested solutions discussed

It would be cool if we could have the reports as soon as possbile - the meeting is in only 5 weeks!

General: Phone Conference SATURDAY 18, 2PM

Just a quick reminder that our phone (Skype) conference will be held on Saturday, the 18th at 2pm (London time).

If you're keen on participating, please send me your Skype name as soon as possible. 

As this is our first meeting, I don't think we need an agenda. We could discuss the shape of the phone conferences (in case you're interested that it becomes a regular practice) and then talk about each city. If everybody prepares questions and/or tips about the cities you have been/will be going, it should fit the bill.

In case you haven't received information about it previously, the phone conference is a means to encourage Crossways students' mutual help in order to build a stronger sense of community and cooperation. So, everyone's participation is important and most appreciated!

Looking forward to talking to you all!

Lisbon Guide (9 of 9): Useful Links


An informal guide by & for Erasmus Mundus students 

Collaborators: Alessandra Gallerano

Becky Chen 

Izabela Araújo

Lorenza Tiberi







Carris: bus and tram systems - www.carris.pt 

Metro: www.metropolitano.pt  




Mobile phone companies 

UZO: www.uzo.pt 

TMN: www.tmn.pt 

Optimus: www.optimus.pt 

Vodafone: www.vodafone.pt   



UNL/FCSH library: http://www.fcsh.unl.pt/bibliotecas  

Rede Municipal das Bibliotecas de Lisboa: blx.cm-lisboa.pt 

National Library: www.bn.pt 

Biblioteca da Faculdade de Letras: www.fl.ul.pt/biblioteca 

Fundação Gulbenkian: www.gulbenkian.pt   


Book downloads: www.libreremo.org.  





Residência do Lumiar: http://sas.unl.pt/site/alojamento/resrl.asp.  

Websites to help on flat-hunting: www.easystanza.pt; www.erasmusliboa.comwww.easyquarto.com.pt   




FCSH Cantina: http://sas.unl.pt/site/alimentacao/cantinafcsh.asp. Here you can find the menu for the day at the university restaurant! 





LeCool: http://lecool.com/cities/lisboa/subscriptions/new 

Institut Franco-Portugais : www.ifp-lisboa.com 

Bacalhoeiro Associação Cultural: bacalhoeiro.blog.com 

Chapitô: www.chapito.org 

Fábrica do Braço de Prata: www.bracodeprata.org  




UNL: www.unl.pt 

Faculdade de Ciências Sociais e Humanas: www.fcsh.unl.pt   

Erasmus Office: 7th floor, right hand side, Torre A. Opening hours: Monday to Friday from 9:00-12:00 and 14:30-16:30. 

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Erasmus Mundus/Crossways coordinator: Prof. Maria Rosário Paixão pmrs@fcsh.unl.pt  



EMA - Erasmus Mundus Students and Alumni Association: www.em-a.eu  

Latin American Chapter: info@ema-la.eu  

Indian Chapter: vijitaaggarwal@yahoo.com 




Gabinete de Apoio ao Estudante - Carla Leite. 

Opening hours: from Monday to Friday 10:00-12:00 and 14:00-17:00. 

Phone: 21 371 56 53 // Fax: 21 371 56 72 




SEF-Serviço de Estrangeiros e Fronteiras: www.sef.pt; phone: 808 202 653. 

List of all Juntas de Freguesia: http://www.cm-lisboa.pt/?id_categoria=6 


Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Reminder - Deadline Registration General Meeting TOMORROW

Dear all,

This is just a reminder that registration for the Crossways General Meeting 2008 closes tomorrow, Wednesday 15 October at 11:59pm (London time). We have currently 17 people registered and counting! 

If you also wish to attend, please register at:

NB - EVERYBODY wishing to attend the event needs to register (even if you live in St Andrews or have previously sent me a personal email confirming your presence).

For more info on the event, please check

If you cannot be there but would like to participate, you can take part in the PHOTO EXHIBITION. All you have to do is email your photos to Alessandra Gallerano (alessandra.gallerano@gmail.com) with your full name and name of the city the photos are from (preferably with captions). Photos from Tübingen and Santiago are particularly welcome. 


Monday, 13 October 2008

Lisbon Guide (8 of 9): Last observations


An informal guide by & for Erasmus Mundus students 

Collaborators: Alessandra Gallerano

Becky Chen 

Izabela Araújo

Lorenza Tiberi



@ If there’s something that you wanted to see in this guide but you didn’t, please write to us so that next semester we can improve it! We need your collaboration to do it, so don’t hesitate to send an email to our local coordinators: Prof Rosário Paixão or Prof Miguel Alarcão.  


@ If you have any problems, please go talk to the local coordinators. They will most likely be the best ones to help you!  


@ If you want to read more about Erasmus Mundus and find out some genral tips, don’t miss EMA’s Erasmus Mundus Student Handbook, that you can download here.

Sunday, 12 October 2008

CORRECTION - deadline General Meeting

Dear Crossways students and alumni,

I'm so sorry but there was a confusion regarding the deadline for registration. I meant, Monday 13 October. Since there was this confusion, I thought it was a good idea to extend the deadline until Wednesday 15 October to give you a couple more days to think. (ALUMNI are more than welcome!) Unfortunately it has to be that soon otherwise there might not be available places at the hostel.***So, just to make it clear, on Thursday 17 October we will be making reservations at the only hostel in St Andrews for the ones registered, which means that if you don't register there might not be a place for you.*** 

RESEARCH SPEECH - Regarding the short speech about the topics we are studying, it is an informal talk where you explain what you have been doing. If you are a first-year student, you can talk about a subject that interests you or the main field of your BA. The length of your talk is completely up to you, anything from 10 minutes is fine. The aim is to let everyone know what you're doing, your interests etc -- this may interest others and perhaps even help you create a study network.

Some pointed out they might not feel comfortable talking in front of professors. I guess it's a valid point, so we can make it only for ourselves, since the idea is to make our colleagues acquainted with our work. The original idea of having professors was due to the fact that they might be able to help giving (new) directions to our projects.

SEMINARS - The topic of the seminars are not yet defined because... They depend on you! :) As soon as I have all registration forms completed I will let you know the seminar topics and who are presenting them. Just to clarify that anything related to the Crossways/Mundus experience is welcome, not only academic subjects. So, if you're keen on talking about a specific city, that's cool. One can have a 10-minute talk about visas for Portugal (my current nightmare), for example. In summary, anything that you'd like to share with your colleagues or think they would be interested in.

CROSSWAYS ISSUES - Delphine gave a very good suggestion, that we could organise meetings about the Crossways issues among the students who are in each city prior to the general meeting. It's really a great idea, but unfortunately it's (humanly) impossible for me to organise them all. So I'd like to know if anyone self-nominates to be each city's representative to i) organise the meetings and ii) bring the topics discussed (issues raised and possible solutions) to the general meeting. It would be really good because, as Delphine said, it would enable those who are not coming to have a saying too. So I'll be looking forward to hearing from each university's representative!

Sorry for the long email. Thanks if you got this far. 

Please please please get involved -- let's make this a very cool, fun, instructive experience for us all!