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Thursday, 4 February 2010

EMANATE: Call for articles and photos

The next issue of EMA magazine - Emanate, will be published in spring 2010. Submit your articles and photos until March 1st, 2010, and use your chance to share your thoughts with the EMA members in the new issue!

The theme for the fourth issue of Emanate is "Dancing through the world".

The dance is interior and exterior, a psychological and physical motion and its expression can shift, transfer and send messages in a very powerful way. We have chosen to give dancing turn to this topic because the dance is also an aesthetic metaphor of how we gain and give knowledge of life in the world existing around us that challenges us to think and reflect not anymore in globalized terms but to understand each other personally, to discover cultures world wide, to gain information about science, medicine, art, informatics, technology, nature, crisis, viruses, environment, energy and geopolitics individually and with greater commitment and curiosity in order to make this world a better place for living and creating. The theme focus is from a bigger planet to a small world because through dialogue and the processes of globalization the world is indeed becoming smaller. Due to this shrinking world, it is actually expanding for many of us: we can get out of our small community we live in and explore the otherness worldwide. On the other hand, while some parts of the world are getting closer, there are others which are completely falling off the map and do not by far experience the kind of development enjoyed by the developed world. Besides, with this topic we want to enlarge the scale, the panoramic and the perspective of free photographic and textual interpretations of various disciplines where we are "dancing" celebrating differences.

Guidelines and requirements

Please submit your article to articles (AT) em-a.eu

  • Attached word file with title: Title/Full Name;
  • Include within the text your name, surname, EMMC, year of graduation and nationality;
  • The length of the article should not exceed 1000 words and should not be smaller then 500 words;
  • Have in-text citations and references - the format of the magazine does not allow for bibliographies or footnotes, except in special cases;
  • Be creative, free, original, communicative and ambitious!

Emanate is not an academic journal and while contributions from your field of study are welcome, articles should also be accessible for non-expert readers.

Apart from the thematic section, you can also submit articles for the following sections: EMA news (informing or reporting about an EMA or EM related event), blogosphere (by sending the blog of your EMMC), Your Say and Success Stories (by informing us about a special success of EM Alumni or a Student).

You are also encouraged to submit photos to illustrate your article, but please make sure that you own the rights of the pictures and that the quality corresponds to at least 2 Mb size of the photo.
Photos used for illustrations do not automatically take part in the photo competition.

Photo Competition

We strongly encourage you to send your photos reflecting your understanding of the theme "Dancing through the world" and to participate in the photo competition and run for a special prize. The selected photographs will be also part of an exhibition during the General Assembly in Madrid 2010.

The photo should

  • have a resolution of 4 megapixels and higher - if there are problems with sending such a large file by email, you are welcome to submit a smaller preview. However, your photo must be available in high quality;
  • be taken by the person who is submitting it;
  • be accompanied by your full name, nationality, master course, and 2 or 3 lines of capture and explanation how your photograph reflects the theme;
  • not be one of several - only one photo per participant is allowed for submission.

Please note that you should hold all rights related to the photo - which is usually the case when you are the photographer. However, publication of photos of other persons, or small groups, requires the consent of those portrayed. It is your responsibility that your picture does not bear any legal infringements - please make sure of that when you submit your photograph.

The winner, chosen by EMA community, will be awarded with a nice prize.

Now, the Magazine Team invites you to dance around the world!

Submission Deadline

All work should be submitted by email before March 1st 2010. Please send your contributions to articles (AT) em-a.eu

The Magazine Team