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Saturday, 15 December 2007

Raisin Weekend at St Andrews

      by Sakshi Tandom

Here is a sneak peek of an old St Andrews University's tradition. We consider ourselves lucky to be a part of it... Foam, Fun, cheerful smiles, colourful and funny dresses, nonchalance, that's how the raisin weekend is in St Andrews. As a part of this informal academic tradition, you are adopted by your seniors and become part of a proud Academic Family. This ritual is usually for undergraduates but being a new comer, you have a right to find your parents. As we are Master Mundus students, one of the Cultural Studies student adopted us.

On the Raisin Sunday, the academic mother throws a tea-party, and that's where the whole family gets together. You get to meet your Academic siblings. The next morning the Academic Mother dresses you up in a scary and inventive outfit and the Father gives a Raisin receipt. Loaded with all this, you enter the quad for the foam fight. Don't FORGET to buy your weapon in advance as shaving foam's are all sold out in the town . it starts with a parade on the North Street where the whole town gathers to watch you and then you reach the quad armed with shaving foams and fight till you become unrecognizable.


Friday, 14 December 2007

Accommodation in Perpignan

      by DONG Zhihong (Delphine)

I'm the one of the student staying in Perpi, the accommodation here is the "studio"(ensuited) in the campus; all the mundus students stay in the same building. We have a kitchenette (fridge and cooking stand), but no pans, dishes, forks. You have your own WC room with bath coin. They offer the sheets and you can change them regularly as indicated. The cost is around 320 euros (perso charges no included); you can connect in the library (wifi). There's the students' restaurant for lunch (2.80euros/meal), a supermarket just nearby.

Thursday, 13 December 2007

Sheffield: Faces to the names

Mundus meeting in Sheffield... Farewell meeting, actually :(

From left to right: Hilda, Becky, Lorenza, Giri, Prof Pascal Mercier, Izabela & myself

Tuesday, 11 December 2007

French visa from the UK

I just got my French visa, so I thought you guys could use some tips on it, in case anyone is applying from the UK. It requires some work (as usual), but it's really easy. So here's a step-by-step guide:

- Call the French consulate to book an appointment (0207 073 1248 from 9 to 12pm, Monday to Friday)

- Take with you the following documents (those are the documents needed for Brazilians. I believe they shouldn't be very different for other nationalities, but it's wise to confirm)

  - your passport
- 2 copies of the Long stay visa form (download it here)
- 2 3x4cm pictures
- letter from the University of Sheffield saying you're a student here (you get it at the Ssid)
- Certificat de Scolarite provided by Universite de Perpignan
- a letter saying you'll have accommodation provided (it was written in the Certificat this year)
- proof of health insurance (the letter we received from ACE is enough)
- proof of means, that is, bank extracts and letter confirming we have a grant. Those letters we received at the beginning of the programme (Certificate of participation and the others are enough)
- I took a copy of my mobility track letter as well

Don't forget to take PHOTOCOPIES of all documents. The fee is about £35 (varies slightly depending on the exchange rate), and you should have the exact amount in cash.

The appointments are usually scheduled for 8.30am. I arrived at 7.30 and there was already a queue. This is the worst part - standing there for an hour in the cold and in the rain. After that, it takes about 40 min to an hour (I was the first one in queue for the long stay visa, though, it should take longer if you arrive later) and you get your visa on the same day.

For more info on the Long stay visa, please check the French consulate official website

General: On dissertation topics and supervisors

Dear all,

I know everybody must be very stressed out now having to choose your topics and supervisors. (The deadline is 20 December, don't forget!) I myself got worried about who would be my supervisor in my next university (Perpignan). I wrote to Prof Girard and he was very reassuring, so I thought you guys could use some reassurance too :)

Here is his reply:

What happens in the next few weeks is that all supervisors (once they have helped their students to fill in the form we refer to as "dissertation registration form") send them to Culpin and Pollock. Then all forms are redistributed to local coordinators according to where students are going during semester 2. Each coordinator then starts to short list all possible co-supervisors for the incoming studnets, which means that on your first week here or there you already have 3 or 4 possible professors and then you choose the one which pleases you most.

It is not just a matter of field of research, it might depend on the language chosen for the dissertation, or the period involved or even personal tastes.

So do not worry, for the time being fill in the form as well, as acurately and as precisely as you can (it can be very short) with your professor / supervisor and then let's keep the ball rolling.

Could you say also to students coming to Perpignan that they have nothing to do or worry about as regards accomodation is concerned. Flats are booked and when they arrive they will go and see Cheryl or even go directly to the résidence universitaire and eveything is prepared for them.