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Thursday, 30 May 2013

Crossways Student EMA Representative Election

Here below (in no particular order) you will find the profiles of the candidates:

Alannah Sawatsky

     My name is Alannah Sawatsky and I am Canadian. I did my undergraduate degree at the University of Guelph, Ontario. I majored in European Studies, and during my degree I did an exchange in Lyon, France. I was also strongly involved in student government. I was the Vice President of the College of Arts, and President of the European Studies Society. I sat on both academic and social boards, and was involved in several charities. I am now completing my first year of the Crossways programme. I did my first semester at The University of St. Andrews, and I am now at l’Université de Perpignan. My final semester will be at Università degli studi di Bergamo.

     I am thrilled at this opportunity to become a Crossways student representative. I am very enthusiastic about becoming more involved in this programme, as I am enjoying my time in it so much. I have had the chance to meet such a variety of wonderful people through this programme and I would be honoured with the privilege to represent you. I have great experience with this kind of responsibility, and I think I have a lot to bring to the table. I have strong communication and networking skills and have already had the chance to get to know many of you at my host universities and at the induction days in Lisbon, and also through the Erasmus Mundus Association, and our Facebook group. I look forward to getting to know those of you I have not met and getting to know the rest of you better if given this opportunity. I will do my best to honour and represent your needs, desires, and concerns with integrity to the coordinators of our programme, and I will do my best to contribute creative and constructive solutions. 

I also have some exciting ideas I would love to achieve to help foster ‘Crossways spirit’, and to strengthen our Crossways network. 

     I am an excellent candidate for this position as I am both responsible and experienced, but more importantly, incredibly enthusiastic and interested in representing you and making your Crossways experience the best it can be! Thank you kindly for your consideration.


Lamar Natasha Dolcy 

My name is Lamar Natasha Dolcy and I am from the beautiful island of Barbados in the West Indies. My native language is English, but I also speak French and Spanish. In my leisure time I like to read, hike, and go to the beach.

I am a trained Foreign Language teacher who has ten years experience in preparing students for Caribbean Examinations Council examinations (CXC) and AQA GCSE examinations in Barbados and Bermuda respectively.

 My mobility track for the Erasmus Mundus Masters Crossways in Cultural Narratives is:
University A - University of Sheffield
University B Universidade de Santiago de Compostela
University C Université de Perpignan Via Domitia
My research interests are translation and gender.

I am interested in being your Crossways student representative because I believe that together we can further develop the Crossways programme, thereby making your Crossways in Cultural Narratives journey even better. My empathetic nature means that your concerns matter to me. My attention to detail and organisational skills will be instrumental in coherently presenting your concerns and suggestions to the coordinating team. I will employ my problem-solving skills to create possible solutions for any issues you may face. I stand ready to serve you.

Work history and experience:
September 2008-August 2011 High School Teacher, CedarBridge Academy, Bermuda
September 2001-August 2008 Secondary School Teacher, Queens College, Barbados
·           I have outstanding organisational skills including highly effective time management skills.
·           I am intrinsically motivated and work well alone or when required as part of a team, employing problem-solving skills to resolve issues.
·           I have exceptional ideas which I am able to take from inception to execution through careful thought, planning and the delegation of responsibility based on individual strengths.
·           I have superior interpersonal and communication skills developed through interacting with colleagues, students, parents and professionals.
·           I am an articulate speaker who is able to hold the attention of her audience by presenting well-researched and organised information clearly and concisely.

Academic and professional qualifications:
Anticipated completion June 2014 Masters in Crossways in Cultural Narratives
2012 Masters in Globalising Education: Policy and Practice, University of Sheffield (England)
2008 Diploma in Education with Specialism in Foreign Languages (Distinction in the Theory and Practice of Education), University of the West Indies and Erdiston Teachers’ Training College (Barbados)

2005 Bachelor of Arts French and Spanish (1st class honours), University of the West Indies (Cave Hill Campus, Barbados)


 Maryam Elika Ansari

Hi everyone!

I’m Maryam. I graduated from the University of St Andrews last year, majoring in International Relations and Classical Studies.  Now I am doing the Mundus Master in Crossways in Cultural Narratives, my path being Santiago – St Andrews – Perpignan -currently at my home university.

There are a few reasons why I’d like to run for Crossways representative. Being halfway through this degree, I can honestly say there are many things I have really enjoyed so far. Being part of such an international experience is only one of the perks of participating in the Mundus program. However, having shared ideas with people in my pathway, I agree with many that there is room for improvement in some aspects. After all, it is a relatively new program and I believe greater communication between the organizers of Mundus and the student body would be in everyone’s best interest and benefit. By sharing these ideas, I believe we could make the remains of our experience even better in Mundus, and make this degree even more appealing than it is to future students. Vote for me! J