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Friday, 28 March 2008

Perpignan: Conferences by Mme Adeline Albert

La société tamoule et l'evolution du théâtre en Inde méridionale

Madame Adeline Albert (The Loyola College, Chennai, Inde)

Thursday 27 March 2008

Amphi Y,  5pm

in French

The imaginary world of Kamala Das

Poetic adventures from Malabar, Kerala 

Madame Adeline Albert (The Loyola College, Chennai, Inde)

Thursday 3 April 2008

Amphi Y, 5pm

in English

Bollywood / Kollywood:

A glimpse into the fascinating north/south divide in India

Madame Adeline Albert (The Loyola College, Chennai, Inde)

Tuesday 8 April 2008

Salle du VECT, 5pm

in English

L'Inde mystique

Hindouisme et religions mineures

Madame Adeline Albert (The Loyola College, Chennai, Inde)

Thursday 10 April 2008

Amphi Y,  5pm

in French

Monday, 24 March 2008

Sheffield: A Poem

     by Poonam Ganglani

A Day in Sheffield

It's Monday morning, my alarm clocks scream
Its a sunny day in Sheffield.....Oh wait, that was a dream!
I reluctantly get up, have my sausages and tea
I've got quite used to the English breakfast you see!
Get ready for Uni, busy schedule today
Two classes plus a meeting with Pascal Mercier!
It's only 10 am so I guess I'll have time to do
my Lord Chamberlain reading and my Barthes assignment too!
Then I can relax and tune in to FM Station Hallam
Oh blimey, there's that book I need for class with McCallam!
I quickly get dressed, coat, boots and gloves
and brace myself for the long climb up the hill above!
Huffing & puffing, I make it to the IC
to grab a few books and a quick cup of coffee!
Time now for class, so I head to the Arts Tower
Catch the lift to the 7th floor-am right on the hour!
During class I think-Should I join tonight's pub crawl?
Naah, I think instead I'll take the tram and go to Meadow Hall!
Next stop-Student's Union, to decide which movie to see
and to buy those Give it a Go tickets for Chatsworth and Whitby!
I meet some friends for a snack- fish, chips and beers
It's the English speciality darling, so smile and say cheers!
It's evening now, so I head back home, down by the Moor
I stop by Poundland of course, to see what's in store!
By now it's freezing cold outside as I walk up to my house above
And thereabout ends my day in Sheffield-- so g'night then love!