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Saturday, 30 December 2006

Become an author on this blog...

In order "to achieve a more fluid exchange of ideas, emotions and confrontational positions among you", YOU can become an author on this blog.

Do you have an announcement to make regarding an artistic event, an opinion to express or anything that's interesting from a Heterological point of view?
If you do not want simply to make a comment in reaction to one of the messages but wish to post a new message of your own from time to time please send an email and we will soon be back to you to let you become one of the many authors of this blog.

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Be creative, be Hetero-Logic!

Friday, 29 December 2006

Next passage to India

I am not wishing you a happy new year, as 2007 will be really great only if you really want it to be great! Margot Lauwers (the immoderate moderator of this blog) has spent the whole day with me setting up two websites which are now going to work efficiently and at anytime of day or night (at last) : these are the sites of the English Dpt (http://english.perpi.free.fr/ ) and that of the postgraduate program "Hétérologies" (http://heterologies.free.fr/ ). You will find online courses, documents and all sorts of useful info. up there.

I will be away in India from Jan. 8th to 17th 2007 and in Bergamo from Jan. 28th to Feb. 3rd when we have a General Assembly Meeting of the Mundus programme (do not forget to have a look from time to time at the official website : http://www.mastermundushumanities.com/ and recommend it for your foreign (non EU) friends who might be eligible to the generous scholarship (deadline is January 15th) : 21000 euros a year!

Last but not least, 2 visiting professors will come to Perpignan in February : One, from Agadir will talk on Fitzgerald (The Great Gatsby) and the poetry of the Italian writer Ungaretti ; the other, Sylvia Valdès, from Buenos Aires, a specialist in surrealist architecture and art history, will spend a whole month with us and has many mad projects in mind and in which you may participate. Be ready and do not miss them!

Enfin, puisque l'actualité est tout à fait dans l'inactualité, je vous laisse découvrir une page imprimée il y a fort longtemps avec deux dessins inédits de Salvador Dali qui seront au centre de ma publication du printemps : Les Delits de Dali, une édition des écrits poétiques de l'écrivain traduits du catalan, de l'espagnol, de l'anglais et parfois même du français! Alors n'oubliez pas : l'amour et la mémoire sont incompatibles. En 2007, faites lui confiance : Aimez, ne vous en souvenez pas!

Thursday, 21 December 2006


To those of you who wouldn't know (but they will not be many 'cause this information usually circulates correctly lol), holidays start on Friday December, 23th, after the last lessons.
But since none of us, Master Students, have lessons on Friday, our holidays start Thursday at noon... :-p

Here's a picture of what the Syndikat of Heterological Systems does in the wee hours ...

Have the nicest Christmas and the happiest New Year and come back full of energy.
Check out the blog regurlarly, new information may be posted during the holidays... Do not hesitate to post messages yourself in reaction to the upcoming seminars or anything that strikes you in a heterological manner!
This blog is yours!