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Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Crossways Student EMA Representative Election 2013 - 2015

Here below (in no particular order) you will find the profiles of the candidates:

Natnaree Kanjanawattana


I am Natnaree from Thailand. I am 24 years old.  I am an open-minded and out-going individual. Although my native Language is Thai, I also speak English, Spanish and Portuguese fluently.

I am delighted and extremely honored to be a part of Crossways in Cultural Narratives Programme and, even more, to receive the opportunity to be a candidate to run for Crossways student representatives. From my diverse academic and professional background, I believe I am your suitable and efficient candidate.

Regarding my academic background, in 2011, I graduated from Faculty of Arts of Chulalongkorn University, Thailand , majoring in Spanish. During my academic years, I was the head of Spanish major. We have arranged various activities and discussions to improve the collaboration and communication between students and professors to solve every problem in a mature and diplomatic approach. Later, during my senior year, I was also President of Spanish Club of my faculty and have done the same activities to improve the bond between students, majoring in Spanish, from different years.

Apart from that, I have had academic experiences abroad. Last May I finished my 8-months Portuguese course from Universidade de Lisboa , Portugal and in 2005, I was also an exchange student of Rotary Youth Exchange and spent 1 year in Corrientes, Argentina.
I am currently a Portuguese Lecturer at Faculty of Arts, Chulalongkorn University. 

However, in 2011-2012, I worked at the Embassy of Portugal in Thailand as secretary to His Excellency the Portuguese Ambassador, from where I have gained invaluable skill and knowledge of diplomacy and protocol. I have had experiences in negotiating in international level with public and private institutions and authorities.

Having lived in different continents and having worked in certain positions and areas makes me conscious, very cautious and diplomatic about the cultural difference and national delicacy when I deal with people of different nationalities.

I am enthusiastic to run for Crossways student representative because I strongly believe that together we could have a very smooth path and fun experience during our forthcoming academic years. I will take care of your concerns and needs with full seriousness. I believe I posses experiences, knowledge and skills to fulfill the requirements of this prestigious position. It will be my utmost honour to be representing the 2013-2015 Crossways students.
Thank you very much for your kind consideration.



Paula Hudrea

Dear fellow students,

           My name is Paula Hudrea and I come from a very beautiful country, Romania, located at the intersection of Central and Southeastern Europe. Currently I live, study and work for two years now, as an English teacher in a city that I absolutely love, Madrid.  With your consensus, I will proudly represent all of you and therefore please find below a brief description of myself.

          On a professional level, I graduated in 2008 from the faculty of American Studies from Cluj Napoca. It gave me the chance to specialize in the cultural domain, to be educated in order to possess and apply the acquired knowledge and perceptions that take place in the American society, the connections between the European and American world and among others, the dimensions and relations between globalization and culture. While ending my freshman year I decided to open up some more my professional spectrum so I enlisted myself for a second career at the Faculty of Law. The MA in Transatlantic Studies was inaugurated and after two years of studies, in 2010, I became a specialist in cultural management and affairs, in international relations, in the media sphere and an expert at various governmental institutions. Therefore, in five years I successfully finished two BA’s and one MA. I graduated top of my generation and represented my MA colleagues throughout those two years of study.

             Due to the fact that I was always fascinated by the Spanish language and its unique beauty I decided to do another MA but this time in the field of Translation and Interpretation at the University of Alcala de Henares from Madrid. My goal was to work with two of my favorite themes, languages and culture and to develop extra new skills. I was the representative of my group; I attended meetings with the teachers and other group representatives regularly and managed to always maintain a constructive relationship between us, the students, and our teachers. In the end, I had the honor of giving the MA’s closing ceremonial speech.

              On a personal level, I succeeded in improving my social and language skills by getting involved in various projects, organizations and summer jobs. I have worked in Spain and Germany, in various domains. This consisted in a double advantage for me because my family lives in the countries mentioned above for more than ten years now. Therefore, with each year I also had the chance to visit and spend some quality time with them. This experience gave me such an easiness to adapt to any environment, shift the use of language according to each individual or group in question, be socially fitted and find quick solutions in any given situation.                

             I would be delighted to be the Student Representative because I am very professional, organized and focused. I’m very open minded, excellent team player; can handle really good several tasks at the same time and without a shadow of a doubt I know we’ll all develop a positive and noteworthy impact upon this amazing master program. Also, I’m sooo used with the lack of sleep, thank God for coffee. Just joking. Not. 

Can’t wait to meet you all at Sheffield! Until then, ya’ll have a great summer and be prepared because our next two years are going to be legendary!!!