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Friday, 23 May 2008

Leaving Perpignan: To Do list

With the end of the semester approaching, it's time to start the process of moving out (and get ready for moving in somewhere else - that's the Mundus student life!). So, here is a few things to do before leaving Perpignan:

* For those who have subscribed for internet in their rooms, check how long in advance you have to cancel it. For example, Neuf requires a letter to be sent one month in advance and as it is charged bi-monthly, we should send them a letter NOW in order to have it cancelled by mid-June and consequently avoid being charged for July and August.

* Don't forget to provide the accommodation Secretariat a photocopy of your RIB number. They will need it in order to refund the bond (la caution) charged in the beginning of the semester.

* If you want to stay longer in Canigou (our contract ends on 30 June), you have to talk to the Secretariat ASAP as they rent most of the rooms for summer courses.

Perpignan: Barbecue

Barcebue organised by SUAPS. Subscription required - at Maison de l'Etudiant by Monday evening.

Where? University Campus
When? Tuesday, 27 May at 7pm
How much?

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Perpignan: Heterologies book

Even though it is available at the library for consultation, the book Hétérologies: pour une dé-neutralisation de la critique littéraire et artistique (with texts by Professors Girard, Pollock, Carmignani, to name a few) is also available for purchase at the Presses universitaires de Perpignan. It is the central building (ground floor, Mme Grattecosse) near the self service cafeteria known as the aquarium. With a student discout it costs 12€, so don't forget to bring your student card along!

Monday, 19 May 2008

Perpignan Crossways website updated

The Perpignan Mundus website has just been updated - thanks, Jovan Kostov! It is much more complete now, with information on the city, the university, useful phone numbers, etc.

If anyone would like to add something to the current presentation, please email me and I will forward your request to Jovan.

Perpignan: Soirée des Résidents

Les conseil des résidents de la Cité U de Perpignan vous invite à la soirée "Venez faire la fête de fin d'année"

Quand? jeudi, le 22 mai 2008 à 19h30
Où? au Resto U
Combien? 2€ (à acheter avec Gauri Parasher)