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Monday, 24 December 2007

General: Merry Christmas!

A very merry Christmas and a 2008 full of discoveries, 
new languages, cultures...! 

Sunday, 23 December 2007

More on accommodation in Sheffield

Here's a question Poonam sent to out mailing list and the replies she's got so far. If anyone would like to add anything, please email me (by clicking on "Roberta" on the left) or leave a comment here.

Hi guys,

I hope everyone's doing great...What plans for the holidays?

I actually need some advice from the students in Sheffield. I received my offer for University accommodation and its at Opal Two (self-catered), on George's Close. Is any of you currently staying there, or know people who stay there? What is it like? I have the details but it would still be helpful to have first-hand information from someone whos actually there.

Also, the rent is around 1,975 Pounds for the 5-month period. From what I've heard so far, this is pretty expensive right? Or are most Uni residences this high-priced?

I plan to check out websites for private housing (Should've done it earlier!!)...Any other sources apart from gumtree and sheffield forum?

Finally, I wanted to ask you guys (the ones in private housing), if your room is available for rent for the 2nd semester period alone and if your landlord is currently looking for a tenant. I remembering Hilda's blog post, but the place seems quite a distance away from the Uni...Lorenza, you mentioned before about your place earlier, is it still available???

Do let me know as soon as possible, I have limited time to decide!!!!!

Thanks and happy holidays!


It's VERY expensive, and apparently most university accommodations are that pricey. I stay in private accommodation but it won't be available next semester :( I do know that Opal 1 and 2 are brand new and nice.

Have you checked the university website? http://www.shef.ac.uk/housing/privatehousing

Hi Poonam,

Nice to hear from you and I understand the restlessness regarding accommodation, especially here in Sheffield where not many Crossways people have been here before compared to other cities in the mobility track.

Perhaps you already know that Opal Two is one of the newest flats, and one of the most expensive ones. I have not seen the interior, but i assume it will be quite similar to other flats like Brocco Flats, Victoria Hall, Opal One and even Central Quay, which I have seen before. Actually I didn't see much difference, really, normally there are 6 rooms in one flat sharing a kitchen, some provides crockery/cutlery but some do not, microwave/oven are often provided. TV depends. Most of the flats are en-suit rooms, u pay each time u use the washing machine. Places like Victoria Hall n Central Quay, u need to apply for internet connection separately, n it adds up to your bill. I still do not understand why it has to be so expensive.

I have taken private accommodation, but unfortunately the place that I am staying now is not available. However, another house which I stayed before last year may be available. (it's about 300 m from the Arts Tower)

Currently Izabela's friend and another Chinese girl are staying there, but if I am not mistaken Izabela's friend is leaving. You could contact Izabela for more details, she stayed in that house before, with me. and the landlady. There's no internet, but the house has everything ann it's really impressive, bills included, 50 pounds/week for small room, 65 for big room. 

Hilda's house is far, but by taking the tram, her walking distance is shorter than my house to the uni. I am afraid that I do not have the info that u need exactly, but i hope it will be helpful in anyway. 

I wish you have a happy holiday wherever you are spending your time in this festive season. 

Good luck in your quest for accommodation! 

Best wishes,

As you have asked me about the Uni Accomodation, well rent is really high, i m staying in the uni accomodation "Brocco flats" which is closer to Opal2. As far as Opal 1 or 2 are concerned they are gud and expensive. If u think its better u move into private accomodation. And if u go the uni website there are some sites where u can find details abt the private accomodation. I think u can mail Roberta, Becky, Hilda or lorenza bcz they are in the private accomodation.