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Saturday, 16 August 2008

Sheffield: Open Campus

Open Campus - June-September 2008 

The programme of events for the whole community. 

You can request a paper copy from Jeanette Newcombe, Events Team, Tel: 0114 222 1030, email: j.newcombe@sheffield.ac.uk

For more info, please click here.

For the complete brochure with events, please click here.

St Andrews: Alumni Meeting in London

University of St Andrews Alumni Club, London


The London Club's Autumn Reception and AGM is being held on Friday, 5 September 2008 at 7 pm in the splendid surroundings of the Georgian Group. Come and enjoy relaxed surroundings, excellent wine from Justerini and Brookes and some chilled music. For anyone interested in joining the Committee, the AGM will begin at 6.30 pm in the Library.


The London Club

TypeMeeting, Social
Open toAlumni
DateFriday, 05 September 2008
Time6:30 PM to 9:30 PM

Georgian Group, 6 Fitzroy Square, London W1T 5DX. AGM in the Library.

ContactEmail: events@st-a.org
More info:

Cost: £20 members, £25 non-members. Attendance at the AGM is free.

Please indicate your interest in attending by emailing events@st-a.org, or complete and return the invitation form at http://www.st-a.org/events.html

Membership of the Club costs just £10 a year. For further details and a subscription form, please visit 


For more information, please check here.

Friday, 15 August 2008

General: Masters Opportunity in Italy

BENVENUTO IN ITALIA con SWOP Scholarships World Program!
Siamo lieti di informarti che la nostra Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore di Milano (Italia) e la Camera di Commercio di Milano assegnano 20 borse di studio per l> '> iscrizione a Master universitari per l> '> a.a. 2008/09 a favore di candidati meritevoli provenienti dalle aree di particolare interesse per il sistema economico milanese (America Latina, Area del Mediterraneo, Europa dell> '> Est, Asia).
Le borse di studio comprendono:
* 50% di riduzione del costo del master
* > EUR>  5.000 come contributo spese di vitto e alloggio 
Visita la pagina web www.unicatt.it/masteruniversitario/mi per conoscere i programmi dei Master proposti e le procedure per presentare domanda di ammissione o manda una email a swoprogram@unicatt.it.
Il Master Welcome Service può darti utili suggerimenti per progettare il tuo percorso formativo in Italia!
Aspettiamo la tua candidatura!
BIENVENIDO A ITALIA con SWOP Scholarships World Program!
Con el fín de favorecer la internacionalización del sistema universitario milanés, la Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore y la Cámara de Comercio de Milán ponen a disposición 20 becas de estudio, para la inscripción a Posgrados universitarios, destinados a candidatos provenientes de las áreas de interés prioritario para el sistema económico milanés (Europa del Este, Región del Mediterraneo, America Latina y Asia).
Las Becas contemplan:
* 50% de descuento en el costo del Master.
* 5.000 > EUR>  para gastos de alojamiento y manutencion.
Para posteriores informaciones consultar la pagina web www.unicatt.it/masteruniversitario/mi o escribir al e-mail: swoprogram@unicatt.it
Welcome Service Master (Servicio de Bienvenida) te puede ayudar dandote sugerencias utiles para planificar tu proyecto educativo en Milan!

Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore
Ufficio Master
Via Carducci 28/30
20123 Milano
tel. +39 02 7234.3860
fax +39 02 7234.5202

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Lisbon: More on Lumiar student residence

      by Becky Chen

Regarding changing rooms, there are a few possibilities, based on my own experience and based on what I have seen. However, I am afraid if what I share here might not correspond with current rules and regulations as it was already a year ago when I was in Lumiar.

- if you arrive early (like before the semester really starts, or the first week of the semester), possibility is people have not checked into their room, so it is easier to have your request fulfilled during this time.

- if your request is denied, the subsequent possibility might come later especially towards the end of the semester when Erasmus students go home one after another.

- usually single rooms are allocated for mature students - unless there are too many students to be taken into consideration.

- there are 3 floors for female, 3 for males. On each floor there are 8 rooms and 3 bathrooms (if I am not mistaken, 3 single rooms, 4 doubles, and 1 ensuite). Some rooms have balconies and some not, the sizes of rooms are different too. Certainly the rooms in Lumiar are not as spacious as Canigou in Perpignan, but even the smallest room is kind of perfect for single occupancy.

- there is a lift in Lumiar, so no worries about luggage and all. The top floor has facilities for doing laundry, ironing, and hanging clothes. they clean the elevator, kitchen, corridors,all wc almost every weekday too.

- contract of room ends when semester ends. it is necessary to make a request for extension of stay. But in the first month, the ladies in-charge at the residence had already asked us to write down the prospective date of leaving the residence. It might be better to give a later date than to assume the last day of the semester rather than to face the consequences of having to move out of your room and placed in another room, or even leave the residence (and need to re-apply for a place to stay) because probably rooms will be reserved for in-coming guests/students. In case there's a need to extend your stay, the right place to make your request known is the Reitoria and avoiding conflicts of any kind with anyone in the residence might come in handy.

Lumiar is clean, convenient, well kept and strives to improve. It saves time, saves money. That's basically a summary of 100 things I can say about Lumiar. The rest is up to personal preference.

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

General: Calls for content to the Emanate magazine

     by Natasha Sardzovisk

You are all kindly invited to contribute to the Emanate magazine on the topic Changing Climate. You can contribute by writing an article on the topic and/or on a photo competition. Details to be found on the links below.

Monday, 11 August 2008

St Andrews: catered or self-catered?

     by Alessandra Gallerano

I'm Alessandra from Italy and I am currently in Lisbon, ending my first Crossways year. I studied in St Andrews last semester and I'll be there again in September.

St Andrews is a beautiful little town, both very Scottish and very international: "un gioiellino" (as we would say in Italian), full of students from all over the world that love to involve themselves in university sponsored activities ( the Student association is very active, and if you want to join any societies you can choose among more than 70, ranging from "Sailing" , "Philosophy", up to "Cheese&Wine"- just to name  a few!) and in the town's life in general. 

Of course, living in a town as small as St. Andrews has advantages and disadvantages: everything is within walking distance ( from university up to wonderful beaches), it takes a very short time to familiarize yourself with the place, its habits and people, charity shops and 'student discounts' allow you to avoid (at least partly) the high Scottish cost of living, and, last but not least, you happen to meet people you know at least 5 times a day... which is certainly a very pleasant feeling!

On the other hand, I missed a bit of the city-like cultural life ( exhibitions, theatres and so on..) and sometimes I had the feeling everything was (too) linked, in a way or another, to university...  Despite that, I really enjoyed my time there and I'm sure you will too!

There is a really interesting website on St Andrews student life (it's run by students, so you can find the 'insiders' suggestions, comments, and ads of all sort): www.thesinner.net

Regarding accommodation, last year I was assigned "Fife Park " (self-catered accommodation). Even though the houses are very old and the location is not very convenient (it's about 20-25min walk from town), I had a good time there. It's the cheapest residence you get in St.Andrews and, after all, I strongly believe it's always up to you to make the best of what you get... so... that's what I tried to do last semester!

Next semester I will stay in Albany Park and, as far as I know, at least other 5 second year students will be there as well. Personally, I prefer a self-catered residence. I love to cook and I think it provides you with more options/flexibility. Last year we also organized "Mundus" international dinners quite often... so, having a kitchen was certainly a good thing! =) 

General: 9th EMA Newsletter

9th EMA Newsletter

24 July 2008

Dear EMA members,

Here comes the 9th EMA newsletter keeping you updated about EMA's current activities!

EMA has held its 2nd General Assembly in Perugia, Italy. The conference marked a great success and an important step forward for our association. In the course of the General Assembly, some amendments to the EMA statute have been voted upon. The results are published with this newsletter.

Though still half a year away, the second edition of 'Emanate' already casts its shadows ahead. Like last year, you are invited to express yourself in your association's magazine.

We wish all of you a great summer and all the best for those who are about to take exams! Enjoy reading this newsletter issue!


Erasmus Mundus Programme

European Higher Education

One Issue One Programme



Results of the EMA Statute amendments voting
At the 2nd EMA General Assembly in Perugia, Italy on June 6-7th, some items of the EMA Statute were to be voted upon by GA delegates. [more]

Submit your article for the next edition of Emanate
What are your thoughts on 'Changing Climates'? Write an article for the second issue of Emanate and share your ideas with other Erasmus Mundus students and alumni. Deadline is November 1st 2008. [more]

2nd EMA photo competition is open
'Changing Climates' is the theme of this year's EMA photo competition. Send us a photo inspired by the theme and win books. Deadline is November 1st 2008.[more]

First EMA Small Scale Event successfully held
On May 23rd 2008, a job fair was organised within the students of the Erasmus Mundus Masters of Economics and Management of Network Industries (EMIN) where students within the same Masters programme gathered at a university in the Netherlands to mutually benefit from the internal communication and the professional growth through the multinational companies visiting. [more]

Job opportunities online!
The EMA Jobs team has internship and employment opportunities available at multinational companies in Europe (ArcelorMittal, ING, Norfolk Lines, Ingersoll Rand). [more]

Striking new paths: The 2nd EMA General Assembly 
The 2nd EMA General Assembly and 4th Erasmus Mundus Student Seminar was held in Perugia, Italy last week (6-7 June 2008) The meeting proved to be a most productive and successful event for EMA. [more]

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Erasmus Mundus Programme

New scholarships for citizens from Africa, Caribbean, Pacific! 
Do you have friends from these regions who would like to do an Erasmus Mundus Master Course? Do you know a good place to post this information so it reaches many potential students? Then this is for you. [more]

The handbook guiding prospective Erasmus Mundus students through the programme
The new Erasmus Mundus Student Handbook is now available to download! It is an information tool for Erasmus Mundus applicants, as well as for current students. [more]

Erasmus Mundus - Does it make a difference?
The first round of the Erasmus Mundus Graduate Impact Survey conducted by the EMA service provider ICUnet is now over. [more]

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European Higher Education

EMA represented at Web 2.0 Congress in Madrid
EMA Jobs Team Representation in "XIII International Congress in Technologies for the Education and the Knowledge: The Web 2.0" organised by the National University of Education at Distance (UNED) in Madrid, Spain, July 3-5 2008.[more]

IFISO Leadership Summer School in Ankara
On 4th‐12th July, the Baskent University of Turkey in Ankara held the first Leadership Summer School (LSS), an official IFISO project with a Youth in Action (YiA) grant as the major financial support. [more]

Apply for participation in the Economic Forum of Young Leaders 2008!
The Economic Forum of Young Leaders, accompanying the Economic Forum in Krynica, will take place in Nowy Sącz, Poland, on 9-12 September 2008. It is a meeting of young social, economic and political leaders from Eastern Europe and Caucasus. [more]

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One Issue One Programme

The story of the Master in Women's and Gender Studies 
The EMA Internal Communications Team regularly offers a platform to introduce individual EM courses and their alumni association and share stories on the website and in the EMA Newsletter.
This time, we thank Tuba Samih for contributing an article about her EMMC, the Master in Women's and Gender Studies (GEMMA). [more]

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